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    Portable Air Conditioners

    Portable Air Conditioners are ideal for office cabins where there are piping restrictions. These machines are also well suited for temporary cooling spaces. They are available in 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne. It has a hot pipe outlet which needs to be taken outside of the room which is to be cooled. It is available in different brands.

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    Ducted Air Conditioners

    This type of air conditioners are ideal for cooling large spaces. These are mostly installed in restaurants, conference halls, auditoriums and other big spaces. Generally these are available in low static, mid static and high static models as per their CFM. Ducted Air Conditioners are available in inverter and fixed speed models. Contact us for a free site consultation.

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    Cassette Air Conditioners

    These type of air conditioners are generally used in commercial & residential spaces. The 4 way cassette air conditioners are used in corporate offices, lobbies and other spaces. The 1 way cassette air conditioners are used in residential spaces and directors cabins. These are easy to install and look aesthetically pleasing. Contact us to know more….

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    Split Air Conditioners

    We deal in split air conditioners for LG, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy, Hitachi, Voltas and many other brands. These are divided as fixed speed and inverter machines. The star rating ranges from 2-5 stars. These machines are available from 0.5 ton to 3 ton. Contact us to understand which product will suit your needs.

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